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What We Do

ESNA is an independent ship design company for high-performance and efficient vessels. We specialize on low and zero emission technology and air cushioned catamaran/Surface Effect Ships (SES), where we have unique world-leading competence .

Our strategy is to complement yards with design packages and the special air cushion systems and equipment, allowing any yard to build safe, cost efficient and reliable Surface Effect Ships.

Our focus markets are offshore renewables and offshore operations.


Who We Are

The founders have more than 40 years extensive experience with design, construction and operation of Surface Effect Ships.

Our main advantage in the high-speed ship market is our employee’s unique experience, competence and enthusiasm for innovative naval architecture, and a great network of cooperation partners and suppliers. ESNA can deliver vessel designs that will be fit for purpose for many years to come. 


Our Vision

We believe in a close cooperation with all stake-holders when designing vessels. That includes the customers, ship-owners, vessel operators, shipyards, classification societies, flag states and suppliers.

We are enthusiastic about state-of-the art vessel solutions and technologies and are dedicated to find the right solutions for our customer: Cost efficient and fit for purpose solutions, tailored for their requirements. 



Mr. Jan Bjorvand

Design Engineer

Mr. Morten Kostøl

Automation Engineer

Dr. Nere G. Skomedal (PhD)

Naval Architect and Co-Founder

Mr. Trygve H. Espeland

Naval Architect and Co-Founder

Mr. Sondre A. Tornli

Naval Architect

Our Clients and Partners



WindPartner is the owner and operator of the world's first high-performance ESNA SES daughter craft, the Sea Puffin 1. She went into operation in July 2018, and has demonstrated both very low fuel consumption and unique high wave height for turbine access. 
WindPartner and ESNA have a long-term cooperation agreement for the Sea Puffin, with the ambition to build a series of this vessel type over the next few years.

About WindPartner:
WindPartner AS is an independent service and package solutions provider to the offshore wind industry, with main business idea to build, own and operate new and right-performance DC/CTV by use of SES technology with optimum efficiency and workability compared to both existing standard DC’s and CTV’s. WindPartner has a flexible business model for the Sea Puffin, ranging from lease/time charter (preferred), purchase/sale and combinations of these. 



ESNA is committed to investing in innovation and new technology and in partnership with CWind, is designing the future of CTVs. The Hybrid Surface Effect Ship (SES) CTV will reduce CO₂ emissions and increase fuel savings through the use of hybrid propulsion technology. The innovative SES CTV design will deliver improved transfer capability and additional time on turbines thereby providing a competitive, economic and greener CTV solution.

About CWIND:
CWind is part of the Global Marine Group, delivering power cable and asset management services topside and subsea, to the offshore renewables and utilities markets. The company has experience from almost 50 wind farms, and has a dedicated team of trained technicians combined with a fuel-efficient fleet of crew transfer vessels (CTVs).



Providing the combination of excellent fuel efficiency, air cushioned comfort at very high speed and SES motion damping for offshore operations, the SES is an ideal solution for the market for offshore oil and gas crew transfer.
Being SES experts, but not oil and gas expert, ESNA's solutions for this market has been developed together with the oil and gas crew transfer experts of AIRCAT VESSELS to provide the optimum vessel solutions. These designs are marketed world-wide under the "AIRCAT VESSELS" brand.

AIRCAT VESSELS (SAS) was founded by marine industry professionals who have decades of experience operating in the Oil & Gas industry. The company was created to develop, promote, build and market the new generation of crew boats, specifically designed for the Energy sector.


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